Can it really be 10 years since we first held Coastival? Ten years since the crazy idea of holding an arts festival in the middle of February was first, tentatively, put forward?

What a 10 years that has been since we introduced an unsuspecting Scarborough public to the Salmon of Knowledge, dinosaurs in the valley and much, much more.

Who could have guessed what a great success Coastival would become; how many thousands of visitors it would bring in to Scarborough off season and the amazing, eclectic mix of music, theatre, dance, comedy, installations and fine art we would host.

We are understandably in nostalgic and reflective mood for Coastival this year. Our theme is Time, reflecting our anniversary with a nod to the past teamed with new work. We hope it will be The Greatest of Times.

Thanks once again to everyone who has helped make Coastival 2019 happen.

See you at the festival!

The Coastival Team


Throughout its history, Coastival has had the unwavering backing of a great group of patrons who have championed the idea of a winter arts festival in Scarborough.

So as we celebrate this 10th anniversary Coastival, our thanks go to Sir Alan and Lady Ayckbourn who have been on board from day one, Clare Teal, who performed in the first Coastival in 2009, Mark Richardson and Sir Ben Kingsley. Thank you all for your brilliant support and encouragement over the years.

Coastival is produced by Create Arts Development, Scarborough UK.

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Phone: 01723 384545

Email: info@coastival.com